Khara Saangu Khota Khota 2013 Marathi Movie Xvid DVDScr Torrent Download

Khara Saangu Khota Khota 2013 Marathi Movie DVDRip Torrent Download

Release Date :
Dec 27, 2013

Director :
Sanjeev Naik

Genre :

Duration :
2 hrs 4 mins

Writer :
Ramchandra Sadekar

Language :

Cast & Crew :
Ashok Saraf, Sayaji Shinde,
Nirmiti Sawant, Hemangi Velankar,
Dipjyoti Naik, Analesh
Desai, Trishala
Verdict :
A hilarious comedy from a deadly duo – Sayaji Shinde and Ashok Saraf
`Khara Sangu Khota Khota` is set on the backdrop of a

village- Dhandalgaon, which has witnessed traditional rivalry

between two neighbours. Dhandle Patil ( Sayaji Shinde) and Dhandalkar (

Ashok Saraf) are involved in all such acts, to show their supremacy in the village.

The enmity between these two has reached such a stage that it has become a

pass time of the villagers. So much, so that some notorious people play

the role of adding fuel into fire, by instigating them against each other….


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