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Pulivaal 2014 Release Date :
Pulivaal 2014 Feb 7, 2014
Pulivaal 2014 Director :
Pulivaal 2014 Marimuthu
Pulivaal 2014 Genre :
Comedy, Romance
Pulivaal 2014 Language :
Pulivaal 2014 Tamil
Pulivaal 2014 Cast & Crew :
Prasanna, Vimal, Ananya,
Oviya Helen , Iniya , Soori ,
Thambi Ramiah, Swarnamalya
Pulivaal 2014 Verdict :
A remake of Malayalam Film Chaapa Kurishu.
Pulivaal is a remake of Malayalam Film Chaapa
Kurishu. The film`s story revolves around two men and
their love life. Defying one relationship when one of
takes a step to marry his family friend and not his
the heated argument with his girlfriend leads to him losing his phone